Friday, 19 October 2012

Video Internet Marketing

For more than 38 years, it will attract 50 million Americans, is a radio audience. It took television 13 years. Netscape browser when it is widely available on the web in October 1994, four years less than the 50 million mark. Now, video and audio, and other new media technologies is a web storm. According to Pew Internet Project:

- 19% of online video viewers, to express a preference content "produced by amateurs" - after they see it or hear that 19% of all Internet users, once they have an audio podcast.

What is the average over the Internet marketing professional?

Creating compelling content that does not Virally on the market is small and brainer! Web cams and microphones or headsets, and most of the editing, have the courage or the use of tools such as Windows Movie Maker, video or audio free or very low cost.
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